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Human body fat tends to accumulate in a very predictable fashion in regions termed “fat depot” areas. Our bodies are
genetically pre-programmed to store fat in these regions. These unsightly bulging fatty areas (ex: outer thigh in females
and love handles in males) are frequently resistant to both diet and exercise, especially after about age 30. This can lead to
frustration and sometimes even complete abandonment of otherwise healthy diet and exercise routines.

Dr. Hayduke recommends that clients continue their healthy diet and exercise routines, however, he specifically targets the
stubborn resistant bulging fatty regions with his refined liposculpture (tumescent liposuction) technique. The results can
be quite exhilarating. Clients often gain motivation to continue their diet and exercise and pursue an overall healthier

Advantages of Dr. Hayduke’s liposculpture technique include:

  • permanent removal of targeted bulging fat
  • only local numbing medicine is used (no general or IV anesthesia required)
  • clients can return to work very soon after the procedure
  • ultra small sized instruments make it gentler and minimally invasive
  • promotes skin retraction (tightening) in the treated areas
  • performed in the office setting

Dr. Hayduke is a Rancho Mirage/Beverly Hills board certified plastic surgeon whose artistic abilities and credentials distinguish him from
his peers. The general public is frequently surprised to learn that the state of California does not prohibit any licensed
physician whatsoever from performing liposculpture (liposuction) in the office setting. This means that a family practice
doctor, obstetrician, ophthalmologist, emergency room physician, pediatrician, radiologist, etc. can take a short weekend
course and perform liposculpture (liposuction) the very next day on the general public. It seems hard to believe, but it is
true. For this reason, the onus is upon the consumer to do their homework regarding physician credentials, especially
when researching a potential liposculpture (liposuction) surgeon in the state of California. To check if your potential
physician is a true board certified plastic surgeon, simply call the national verification line of the American Board of Medical
Specialties (ABMS) at 1-866-ASK-ABMS
or visit to find out the board certification status of any physician.
Board certified plastic surgeons are certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. Not only is it important to find out
if you doctor is board certified, but – it is equally important to find out in which specific specialty do they hold board


Liposculpture in the hands of board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Hayduke can best be described as a gentler more
refined version of traditional liposuction.Liposculpture (tumescent liposuction) is a gentle technique performed in the office
setting using only local numbing medicine (no general anesthesia or intravenous sedation is required). Dr. Hayduke’s
refined liposculpture technique artistically and permanently sculpts the bulging fatty areas and promotes skin retraction

Liposculpture (liposuction) basically involves the use of a tiny metal tube – referred to as a cannula (from the Latin word for
cane or reed). This cannula is about the thickness of a small cocktail straw. The cannula is connected to a suction pump via
tubing and inserted through very small skin access sites into the targeted bulging fat region. The fat is then suctioned
from this small cannula into the collection chamber of the suction pump. The concept is amazingly elegant and simple

When Dr. Hayduke performs liposculpture under pure local anesthesia in the office setting, his patients are completely
comfortable, conversant and fully awake. Frequently the patient and Dr. Hayduke discuss current events or share funny
stories during the actual procedure. Meticulous gentle techniques and infiltration of local anesthetics using ultra small
sized cannulas makes general anesthesia and intravenous (IV) sedation completely unnecessary. While Dr. Hayduke is
actively suctioning the patient’s fat, it is not unusual for the patient to state “I can’t feel anything at all, are you actual doing
it right now?”


The first step is a thorough analysis and mutual agreement between Dr Hayduke and the patient regarding which specific
bulging fatty areas to treat. The surgical plan is then designed by Dr. Hayduke using a skin marker – drawing directly on the
patient’s skin. This carefully mapped out surgical plan is confirmed with the patient by allowing the patient to critically
examine the marked out area in a standup mirror. Several adjustments may be necessary at this stage, depending upon
the patient’s preferences. This part of the procedure is very important and Dr. Hayduke’s marking technique is extremely
meticulous, methodical and exact.

The fat in the targeted area is then gently numbed with a warm salt water/lidocaine based liquid, know as tumescent
This numbing is performed very slowly, gently, and with ultra small sized infiltration devices to minimize patient
discomfort. Once the numbing solution is gently instilled into the targeted fatty tissues, there should be little (to no)
further discomfort with the remainder of the procedure.

The patient is then simply left to relax and listen to music while the numbing solution (tumescent fluid) is allowed more
time to take its full effect. After ample time has passed, ultra small sized cannulas are then painlessly passed through tiny
access holes in the patient’s skin. Smooth, gentle, motions are then used to carefully aspirate (suck) the unwanted fat
permanently away. It is at this fat removal “sculpting stage” that the surgical artistry of a true board certified plastic
surgeon shines through. Ideally, liposculpture should produce a smooth pleasing improvement in the bulging problem
areas while achieving a harmonious balance with the remainder of the patient’s body frame. The skin overlying the treated
areas tightens and slowly retracts back to a more attractive final contour over the next several months.


Both men and woman have certain “fat depot” regions where fatty tissue tends to accumulate and form obvious unsightly
bulges. Unfortunately, these areas are usually highly resistant to both diet and exercise. For woman, commonly treated
areas include the outer thigh saddle bag region, hip love handle region, lower abdomen and back “muffin top”, bra rolls,
buttock region, upper arms and knees. For men, commonly treated areas include under the chin, lower abdomen, hip love
handles, breasts (gynecomastia) and lower back. Please click on the “commonly treated areas” tab in our main menu for a
more detailed description.


Dr. Hayduke prefers to perform liposculpture in his office under pure local anesthesia (with the patient fully awake and
comfortable). However, since Dr. Hayduke is a legitimate board certified plastic surgeon – he also holds hospital
privileges to perform liposuction in the hospital setting under general anesthesia. Dr. Hayduke can offer liposuction
(performed in the operating room under total general anesthesia) for those clients who simply want to be completely
asleep during their procedure (we assure you, however, that Dr. Hayduke’s in-office technique under pure local anesthesia
is exceptional). Patients will find that many liposuction physicians in California simply cannot offer this procedure under
general anesthesia since they are not real plastic surgeons (hospitals will not grant them privileges to perform liposculpture
in a hospital operating room for liability reasons and for lack of meaningful credentials, etc).

Dr. Hayduke also offers the option to “add-on” liposuction at the same time as other plastic surgical procedures, such as:
facelift surgery, breast augmentation, tummy tuck, rhinoplasty, brow lifting, eyelid surgery, etc. It is important to realize
that Dr. Hayduke is not a physician that purely learned his liposculpture technique at a short weekend training seminar and
hence only offers liposculpture – to the contrary – he is a fully trained board certified plastic surgeon (the real thing) who
also offers the entire gamut of cosmetic plastic surgical procedures. He is a true plastic surgeon.

Liposculpture performed by Dr. Hayduke under pure local anesthesia in the office setting tends to allow dramatically faster
recovery with less post operative pain, swelling and bruising for three major reasons: 1) smaller instruments (cannulas)
were used to perform liposculpture 2) general anesthesia or intravenous (IV) anesthesia was completely avoided 3)
stitches were not used (in most cases). Patients use over-the-counter Tylenol for approximately two days after the procedure (oral
narcotics are generally not necessary). Many patients even go to dinner the very same day as their procedure, however,
Dr. Hayduke prefers that patients rest peacefully at home for at least one night after the procedure. It is highly
recommended to have a responsible adult with you for the first night after surgery; in case you get light-headed, need
something from the store, or simply for some well deserved pampering. Compression garments are worn for one week.
Desk-type jobs can be resumed very quickly. Bruising and swelling is generally significantly less after liposculpture as
compared with traditional liposuction. The final result will obviously take several months to fully appreciate. Dr. Hayduke
personally sees his patients for follow-up appointments after surgery to monitor progress of healing.


Liposculpture is most definitely plastic surgery. Liposculpture is essentially tumescent liposuction with slight technical
variations between operating surgeons. Any description to the contrary is intentionally deceptive and should raise a red
flag to consumers. In fact, liposuction (and its variants) is the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedure in the
United States. The original cosmetic liposuction technique was conceived in the 1970’s as an alternative to European
lipocurettage. Yves-Gerard Illouz, M.D. – plastic surgeon from Paris – performed the first purely cosmetic application of
liposuction in the 1970’s and also introduced the concept of “wetting” (infusing the targeted area with fluid) before
suctioning the fat to help reduce blood loss. Multiple refinements occurred since that time, especially in cannula design
and “wetting fluid” formulas. In Dr. Hayduke’s opinion, his current version of liposculpture (tumescent liposuction using
ultra small cannulas without the need for general or IV anesthesia) is the most advanced and refined form in existence
today, building on many years of technical advancements.

The only two specialties that formally teach liposculpture (tumescent liposuction) during approved ACGME (Accreditation
Council for Graduate Medical Education) residency training are plastic surgery and dermatology. The surgical training in
dermatology is less intense since this specialty is simply not focused on surgery. Any other physician who performs
liposculpture (tumescent liposuction) likely learned this procedure purely after a short unapproved non-ACGME training
seminar or program. It would be wise for any potential patient to thoroughly check their prospective liposuction surgeon’s
background, especially in California (since any physician in California – no matter what specialty – can advertise themselves
as an “expert” in liposculpture in newspapers or on the internet, etc). Although they may actually be board certified, it is
equally important to find out in which specific specialty do they hold board certification? This information is easily obtained online at or by calling the ABMS credentials verification line directly at 1-866-ASK-ABMS.

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