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Out of Town Clients

Dr. Hayduke’s reputation and word-of-mouth referrals from patients around the United States and overseas lead to our
proficiency in accommodating out of town clients. It is not unusual for certain highly selective cosmetic surgery patients to
travel significant distances to find the “right” plastic surgeon. Nowadays clients may quickly and easily travel across the
United States to seek out the level of services they desire. The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is a very personal and
private matter. Not everyone around you may ever understand your decision. You may not want to be unintentionally seen
with facial bruising or stitches by members of your close community in the early post-operative period. Even if you live in
Southern California, you may want to “get lost” for awhile or go “on a short vacation” while truly undergoing and
recuperating from cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Hayduke’s practice offers out of town clients the choice of having their surgery and recuperating either in the Beverly
Hills area or the Palm Springs area. The Beverly Hills area has (arguably) always been the premier location for undergoing
cosmetic plastic surgery in the entire world. The Palm Springs office is also very popular among our out of state and
international clients since it provides an exceptional location to recuperate from cosmetic procedures in a retreat-like
atmosphere away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. For high-profile actors and actresses from Los Angeles, it has
been commonplace ever since the earliest days of Hollywood to seek sanctuary in the luxury resorts of the Palm Springs
area. This is also a great location to recuperate from elective cosmetic surgery. Visit www.inglesideinn.com and click on
both “celebrities” and “recuperation” to get a flavor of what we mean. Our offices offer a clandestine (VIP) entrance that
allows discrete access directly to our private consultation rooms, bypassing our formal waiting area. You must contact our
office coordinator in advance to arrange entrance via this route. We make every effort to appropriately accommodate out-
of-town and high-profile clientele when strict anonymity is required.

Initial Contact

You may send an email with a detailed description of your particular requests, past cosmetic surgeries (with dates) and specific expectations. If you had previous cosmetic surgery on the area of current interest, it would be very helpful to include a scan of the “operative dictation” for that procedure, but please remove your name and anything else personal from the scanned document in case you send the email to the wrong address. Please also send “in focus” photographs of the areas of concern that is of reasonable quality with your email. Please make sure the photographs clearly depict the areas of interest from multiple angles, but do not show your face or anything else that could be personally identifiable (such as jewelry, tattoos, etc). We will then contact you to discuss your situation in detail. If we feel that your expectations are realistic and that we are the appropriate place for you, we may accept you as an out-of-town client and set up a phone interview with Dr. Hayduke. There are certain advantages and disadvantages involved with traveling out-of-town for your cosmetic surgery. Not all cosmetic procedures can be offered to out-of-town clients.

In-person consultation

Arrangements are made well in advance of your arrival for a surgical date, time, recuperation period, etc. – however, you
are still required to undergo a detailed in-person consultation with Dr. Hayduke. By this time, your pre-opertaive “physical
exam” and age appropriate “medical work-ups” will have been completed by your local primary care physician (OB/GYN,
family physician, or internist). If you do not have a primary care physician, we will help locate one for you. Our office
coordinator will work closely with you on these issues. You will be required to stay a certain number of post-operative days
in Beverly Hills or in the Palm Springs area depending upon your particular procedure.

Accommodations in Beverly Hills

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Accommodations in Palm Springs

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Artistic Liposuction Bevery Hills shadow