Banana Roll-Buttocks

The youthful buttock contour consists of a moderately prominent, smooth, dome-shaped contour. Buttock contour that is considered “attractive” and “desirable” seems to occasionally change in our popular culture. Significant variations also exist between ethnic groups as far as what is considered desirable. Persons in early middle age, however, begin to show bulging of the lower outer buttocks. The youthful buttock is characterized by a single well defined horizontal crease below each buttock cheek called the “infragluteal crease”. Normally, the upper thigh immediately below the infragluteal horizontal crease is flat and smooth. This allows the attractive buttock to have just one horizontal crease from posterior view. If a fatty bulge is present below the infragluteal crease, it is commonly referred to as the “banana roll”. This banana roll can cause tight pants to give the visual impression of two horizontal creases below each buttock cheek (instead of just one per side). This is generally considered undesirable


If you are unhappy with your buttock contour from posterior and profile view, then you may be a good candidate for liposculpture. As a general rule, buttock and banana roll liposculpture should be approached with conservatism. Too much liposculpture will leave an unacceptable degree of buttock droop and skin irregularities. Over aggressive liposuction of the banana roll can lead to problems with the infragluteal crease region including creation of multiple new posterior thigh creases in unexpected locations. For all these reasons, patients must be accepting of achieving only subtle improvement in these areas after liposculpture.

Dr. Hayduke also feels that the buttock appearance itself can be improved by sculpting the zones around the buttock itself, such as the outer thigh saddle bag region and the upper inner thigh (and love handles). Bulges in these surrounding zones frequently make the buttock region itself appear worse than it really is. Targeting the zones around the buttock itself may provide the best solution in some cases.

Dr. Hayduke will discuss all of these complex issues with you during your in- person consultation.


Dr. Hayduke prefers to perform this procedure in the office under local anesthesia. Large absorbent pads are changed twice daily for two days and compression garments are worn for one week. Patients can be back to their desk job in just a few days.