Female Breast Liposculpture

The medical term for excessively large breasts is “breast hypertrophy”. Traditionally, very large heavy breasts are treated by a plastic surgical procedure called breast reduction (not with liposculpture). Breast reduction surgery is a major plastic surgical procedure performed in the operating room under general anesthesia. This also happens to be one of the most commonly performed breast procedures in Dr. Hayduke’s practice. In a select few cases, however, pure liposculpture of the breasts may achieve the desired goal.


The female breast is basically made up of two types of tissue: fat and firm glandular parenchyma. Young patients tend to have firmer breast tissue since a higher percentage of their breast is made up of firm glandular parenchyma. Young patients who have a high percentage of firm glandular parenchyma do not generally respond well to liposuction of the breasts. Patients who are older, with a higher percentage of pure fat in their breasts, tend to respond much better to pure liposculpture of the breasts. Patients who need just a “small” amount of reduction in breast size may be good candidates for breast liposuction.

Another important issue is the position of the nipple itself. If a patient has a severe degree of nipple/areolar droop (ptosis), then liposuction is a poor choice. In order to significantly elevate the nipple/areola to a higher more youthful position, a formal surgical breast reduction procedure (or breast lift) is indicated. Patients with excessively long pendulous breasts or with unrealistic expectations are also poor candidates for liposculpture of the breasts. Again, formal breast reduction surgery is one of the most frequently performed breast re-contouring procedures in Dr. Hayduke’s practice. After your physical examination, Dr. Hayduke will determine which procedure is most appropriate based on your unique breast anatomy. Large decreases in breast size can only be achieved with a true surgical breast reduction (not with liposculpture of the breasts).

Depending upon your age, documentation of a normal mammogram dated within one year of the proposed procedure date is required before Dr. Hayduke would be willing to perform your procedure.


If pure liposculpture of the breast is recommended, Dr. Hayduke prefers to perform this procedure in the office under local tumescent anesthesia. Tight compression is immediately applied to the breasts and dressings are changed twice per day for the first two days. Patients are then changed over to a mild to moderate compression garment for the next two weeks. Post-operative swelling gradually decreases over the next several months.