Male Breast Liposculpture

One of the most frequently requested areas for liposuction in men is the breast. Both very young men as well as elderly gentlemen may develop an excess of fatty tissue in their breasts termed pseudogynecomastia. This condition is not only unsightly while at the beach – but, large protruding male breasts can be seen while wearing normal everyday clothing. This condition can lead to significant self-consciousness about one’s physical appearance. Clearly, the appearance of protruding breasts imparts a feminine and “out of shape” appearance to the male chest.

Many cases of enlarged male breasts are due to excessive fat in the breast itself. The male breast is made up of two types of tissue: glandular breast tissue and fatty tissue (adipose tissue). When the amount of fatty tissue (adipose tissue) is disproportionately increased as compared with the glandular tissue, then a condition called pseudogynecomastia exists. No one really knows what causes this condition (it is termed an idiopathic condition).

In true gynecomastia, excess glandular breast tissue is present along with the fatty tissue. Drugs associated with enlarged male breasts include: thyroid hormones, anabolic steroids, marijuana, estrogens, spirinolactone, digitalis, diazepam, phenytoin, and clomiphene. Some tumors of the testicles can also cause male breast enlargement. Other causes include alcoholism and hypogonadism. If one sided breast enlargement occurs, then the possibility of a breast tumor (breast cancer) needs to be entertained. Work up may include a mammogram and breast tissue biopsy, etc. Although rare, men can get breast cancer. These types of male breast evaluations are generally done by a general surgeon (not a plastic surgeon). Your primary care physician is the best place to start in these types of situations. Your primary care doctor can start the formal evaluation and then refer you to a general surgeon if needed.


If the appearance of your breast causes you to feel self conscious, then you may be a candidate for breast liposculpture. Look at your chest profile view in the mirror while wearing a snug t-shirt. If the breast protrusion looks greater than average, then you may benefit from liposculpture of the breasts. In some cases, the breast enlargement is not due to fat – but rather caused by firm glandular breast tissue. In these cases, a combination of liposculpture with direct surgical excision of the firm breast tissue may be most appropriate. Since Dr. Hayduke is a true plastic surgeon, he can offer this type of combination approach. Some cases of male breast enlargement can not be properly addressed without at least some direct surgical excision (with a scalpel) of the firm breast glandular tissue.

If excess sagging skin is also present in the breast area, then some form of direct surgical excision (with a scalpel) of the skin may be necessary.


Dr. Hayduke prefers to perform male breast liposculpture in the office under local tumescent anesthesia. If a large amount of direct surgical excision of glandular breast tissue or skin is anticipated, then a formal operating room environment with a higher degree of anesthesia may be recommended. After pure liposculpture, a firm compression garment is applied to the chest. Dressings are changed twice per day for the first two days. Some bruising and swelling should be expected. The breast compression garment is worn for a couple of weeks while the patient is already back at work. Tylenol is used for chest soreness.