Outer Thigh (Saddle Bags)

One of the most common areas of complaint from females in Dr. Hayduke’s practice is the outer thigh “saddlebag” region. For genetic reasons, fat accumulates in the outer thigh of many females – leaving them with an obvious bulge of fat in this area. Unfortunately, even extensive exercise and dieting frequently do not significantly improve the stubborn outer thigh “saddle bag” region. Sometimes, the thigh are completely disproportionate with the patient’s upper body, and two different sizes of clothing are necessarily to accommodate the upper and lower body. Needless to say, all of these issues can lead to frustration.

The current American cultural ideal of beautiful legs is a long slender pair of legs with no significant bulge of fat in the outer thigh saddle bag region. This is clearly reflected in our popular fashion magazines, television shows, beauty competitions, etc. Although liposculpture cannot magically transform an overweight thigh into a “thin” thigh, it can help soften the unsightly bulge of fatty tissue in the saddle bag region. This can help re-establish harmony with the rest of the patient’s curves. Even in overweight patients, softening the outer thigh saddlebag bulge can be quite esthetically satisfying.


As a general rule, complaints in the saddle bag region are from females. Look at yourself straight-on in a mirror while standing straight up. If you notice a bulge of fatty tissue in the outer thigh area about one third (to one half) of the way down your leg, then you may be a good candidate for outer thigh liposculpture. If someone takes a straight-on buttock/back photograph of you while you are wearing only your bikini bottoms, the saddle bag bulge is clearly seen protruding from the outer edge of your thigh. Frequently, this bulge can disrupt an otherwise smooth contour that flows gently from your waist to your outer knee on the outside margin of your thigh. This disruption, unfortunately, can cause the unsightly saddlebag to be the focal point of your entire leg anatomy.


Many women (after about age 30) complain of the appearance of their upper inner thigh. The uppermost part of the inner thigh (near the genitals) frequently bulges and causes “thigh touch” in this zone. This inner thigh area may rub together while walking and may even make exercise difficult. The quality of the fat of the inner thigh is very soft and has somewhat of a jellylike consistency. It is among the softest most delicate fat regions in your entire body. This can produce an obvious “jiggle” in this area while simply walking.

Some young normal weight women (who are physically fit), also want to eliminate even a small zone of “thigh touch” of the inner thigh with liposculpture to help maintain a sculpted look of their inner thigh.


Look at yourself in a mirror while standing straight up with your feet about shoulder width apart. If your upper inner thigh touch, then you may benefit from liposculpture in this area. Although Dr. Hayduke cannot eliminate thigh touch in all patients (depending upon your starting weight), significant improvement is usually achieved. If you actually have sagging skin in the inner thigh region, then a thigh lift procedure (that surgically removes excess skin) is more appropriate.


Dr. Hayduke prefers to perform this procedure in the office under local anesthesia. Frequently, patients combine liposculpture of the outer thigh, inner thigh and inner knees. You will be placed in an elastic compression garment, similar to tight biker shorts. This garment is crotchless so that you can keep it on while going to the bathroom. You will need to change the large absorbent pads underneath this garment twice a day for about two days. You can discontinue wearing the garment after one week. Tylenol is used for discomfort. Some describe the discomfort as similar to the soreness they feel after an extensive work out session. Most patients can be back at their desk jobs in about 48 hours.
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Artistic Liposuction Bevery Hills shadow